Emma Hello Foxy

“Hello Foxy is a France-Based lifestyle blog that focuses on encouraging women to be the best damn version of themselves. Through this blog, I hope to inspire girls and women to build their own form of self confidence and have the courage and determination to achieve their goals.”


Hey, I’m Emma.

I am a 22 years old lifestyle blogger, addicted to coffee, quotes and clothes. I believe in boldness and badassery. I believe in going for what you want in life, and not caring about what others think. Hello Foxy is a blog that represents every badass women out there, the shakers, the ones who play by their own rules and won’t let others dictate how they should be, act, talk, dress.

I aim at inspiring women to improve their lifestyle in order for them to become the best damn version of themselves. Real women fix each other’s crown after all.

Because I believe in encouraging and supporting other to achieve their goals, I am also helping other boss babes to build and grow their beautiful blog.


If you have any request, you can contact me through the Contact page or send me an email at emma@hellofoxyblog.com. You can also follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or even join the amazing Facebook group that I created for badass babes.


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